My superpower is problem solving—in an elegant way


Ceren is a Product Designer living in Brooklyn. After completing her BFA in Visuals Arts from Sabanci University in Istanbul, Ceren got accepted to Massachusetts College of Art to earn her MFA degree in Dynamic Media. She thinks her traditional visual arts degree affected her interactive works in many levels. Her works have been in display in galleries and events across the Europe and in United States. She has also had the privilege to speak at conferences including SXSW Interactive Festival both in 2014 and 2015 where she shared her research on design, surveillance and capitalism. This research has been featured at Wired Magazine and Arte.tv.

Her work explores how dynamic media technologies can expose dataveillance and act as a shield of privacy to overcome such vulnerabilities. Her speculative company Sous, Inc. creates alternative lifestyle in the modern world of digitized information through its fashion and interior design. 

During the day she builds products and teaches design. On the weekends, she longs for Euro 2020, walks her direwolves, or enlightens you—politely—on how to properly recycle or compost.

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