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Sous, Inc


Sous, Inc. is a *speculative* company designing privacy seeking products. Sous benefits from our consumerist society and the capitalist market while being a part of it.

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Privacy is a hole in society. It is elusive, inaccessible and it serves the privileged better than the poor. Products in the privacy seeking market; softwares, ad-free social platforms, and surveillance blocking technologies are expensive and exclusive. While we all are vulnerable under the gaze of surveillance, the underprivileged is even more exposed. The growing demand for privacy hasn’t reached a point of affordability. 

Sous, Inc. was built as a part of my research to question what it means to design for privacy in today's society.

You can read more about Sous, Inc in my book World War A: Humans vs. Algorithms' final chapter.

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qt scarf

Overcoming this vulnerability with wearable technology by using the camera's vulnerability — the infrared lights — against itself.

A unique piece of wearable technology to act as a shield of privacy in the age of mass surveillance. Each scarf contains 18 infrared LEDs sewn on organic cotton. What makes infrared LEDs special is that they are not visible to the human eye, unless one looks through a camera. To the naked eye, they basically look like that a regular LED. But through a camera, you can look just like person in the picture on the left.



This is saying “hi!” in low resolution.

A combination of brilliant LED technology and dynamic raster graphics. Luminous grabs your live feed through its camera, turn it into 20 pixels and send it to your loved ones. As they enjoy your new pixelated self, you illuminate yourself with their data. Their identity and surroundings remain private and untraceable by surveillance softwares.

This new technology is here and it cares about your privacy.


Algorithm survival guide

A dictionary designed to not disrupt NSA surveillance softwares while writing an email to your loved ones. One strategy used by NSA email surveillance programs is the detection of predetermined keywords. These selectors are used to identify communications by presumed terrorists. By preventing the usage of these scary words, you minimize the chance of feeling vulnerable by algorithms. Algorithm Survival Guide is both a book that functions as a pocket dictionary. We have also recently created a web plugin. This plugin works as an autocorrect tool while browsing or sending an email. As you start typing an email, it detects the selectors that you use and suggest their synonyms.