World War A: Humans vs. Algorithms


A Book on algorithms that shape our view

Our world is saturated with personal data. So much so that personal data is a sought after commodity that readily feeds an infrastructure of surveillance. This infrastructure is driven by the algorithms created by corporations that govern it. These systems of surveillance control us by using our past behavioral data to shape our opportunities and manipulate our future behaviors. The more these systems know about us, the more they later and algorithmically shape our decision-making opportunities. The result is a continuous spiral of data collection and forced identity augmentation. Our definition of self becomes nothing more than a curated and filtered existence. When the systems that govern our society are capable of such control and manipulation, we lose our perception of self and become vulnerable under their gaze.

World War A: Humans vs Algorithms, explores how dynamic media technologies can expose the invasive existence of dataveillance and, act as a shield of privacy. The case studies investigate an alternative lifestyle in the modern world of digitized information.

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